AEM Bynder Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Bynder Assets into AEM?


  • Directly see your Bynder assets in Adobe Experience Manager
  • See in Bynder on which AEM pages your assets are used.
  • Have set Bynder focus points replicated and respected in your AEM powered website
  • Centralize all your assets by only having to upload them to one integrated system
  • Improve your page load time and SEO ranking by using high-quality Bynder derivatives


  • Native drag-and-drop integration of Bynder assets into AEM
  • Search and browse for assets
  • Filter assets based on meta-properties
  • bi-directional connection to track asset usage in Bynder and detect unused assets.
  • Support for Bynder derivatives and for image focus point
  • Serve images from Bynder CDN

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